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 Akuchi Oni (Approved)

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PostSubject: Re: Akuchi Oni (Approved)   Akuchi Oni (Approved) EmptyThu Feb 11, 2016 2:47 am

Quote :
Name: Akuchi Oni
Clan:Oni Clan
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Village: Kumo


Akuchi Oni (Approved) E6op4lAkuchi Oni (Approved) 29dadu8Akuchi Oni (Approved) 33v2c6s
Always cheerful and with a smile on his face, Akuchi is a well kept and sweet looking boy. He usually wears a mix between lightly colored long sleeved shirt and a pair of dark pants. While the clothes are perfect fit, they still are easy to move around in and not slowing down Akuchi's movements. He doesn't care much about his appearance, focusing more on comfort that how well he looks so his clothing adapts usually to the given moment. He still refuses to wear large coats even in the winter, as he believes they would weight too much and slow down his movement and reactions which he would not approve off.

Not caring much about his looks, Akuchi has longish for a boy and always messy blond hard as well as honey brown big eyes which could be considered quite cute. Together with his slim yet athletic body, Akuchi comes across as swift and quick which portrays his skill set well. He wears his head protector as a scarf around his neck as while he isn't afraid of getting hit, he still believes he should defend a part of the body that is most open to deadly attack.

Personality:Rarely seen angry or without a smile, Akuchi is a rather cheerful individual who enjoys the company of others as well as some free time. While he does love peace, he would much rather spend time with friends socializing or training together. Akuchi is just one of those people who considers everyone his friend and can usually befriend anyone, anywhere. It's that optimistic attitude which usually leads him to becoming overly excitable, getting overly happy with minor things and feeling the need of telling everyone around him.

Akuchi enjoys training with people more than alone. As a matter of fact he preforms much better with people looking over him, as he does feel the need to prove to others that he is, or rather will be famous some day. His techniques are usually flashy but quick, not giving the opponent even the slightest opening usually leading to a quick fight where either side wins.

Akuchi dislikes pointless work which can be easily avoided or which will lead to nothing, hence at times he chooses to avoid some of the more boring responsibilitys, instead going swimming, playing games or simply chatting to girls. While Akuchi gets along with most people, the female gender seems to enjoy him more as he is a pretty open person compared to other guys, with the additional fact that Akuchi is actually a huge pervert. While its true that most of his friends are female, Akuchi does have a few good male friends.

While Akuchi does love fighting and training, he dislikes the idea of taking another person's life unless its absolutely necessary. In fact if possible, he tends to avoid pointless combat which often leaves him at a disadvantage due to the opponent making the first move. In addition he is very loyal, and even despite the previous point, if an ally or a friend is attacked, he would consider it a necessity to kill the attacker solely to save his comrade something that came easy too him since 11.

History: Everyone has dreams. Something they look forward to in near future and a goal they want to achieve. Some are willing to sacrifice more than others, while some are willing to give up their life's to in the end achieve what they were set out to be. In Akuchi's case, ever since he was born he had one goal. He wanted to become the best shinobi that was ever to walk the ground, breathe the air. His goal was simple yet wanted by so many people, he wanted for everyone to look up to him and know who he was. It was something rather hard to achieve living in an orphanage with tens of other kids having the same dream, but unlike them Akuchi knew that he was different. He was stronger, faster and much better at fighting ever since he was a little infant than the other kids. His reactions were much faster than anyone his age, to the point where each person trying to attack him moved in what seemed to be like slow motion. Either way they found his skills interesting and he was admitted for testing in the Oni clan. The Oni would preform painful yet necessary experiments on the poor little child, however Akuchi knew that it was all to make him better, not healthier but stronger.

At the age of six, Akuchi was already an immortal and full member of the oni clan, and that's when he was signed up to the academy. It was finally the life he wanted to lead ever since he was a baby, walking in the steps of all the Kage's who had to start by being trained by the academy teachers to later progress in the ranks and become the best in the village. Akuchi knew he had to work hard to be the best, and since it all came quite naturally to him, it was pretty simple to come out of the Academy with perfect scores, excelling in Taijutsu with skill seen once in a million years. Even tho Akuchi was only eleven, his taijutsu was remarkable. He was capable of beating advanced genin as well as some chuunin hands down without getting as much as a scratch.  however his ninjutsu was nowhere near as developed and his genjutsu simply nonexistent. He is now hoping to prove to the Raikage that his skills are much too advanced to stay as a genin and enter the next chuunin exams to take the next step in achieving greatness.
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Akuchi Oni (Approved)
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