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 Ookami Clan (Approved)

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PostSubject: Re: Ookami Clan (Approved)   Fri Feb 12, 2016 5:25 pm

Quote :
Name: Ookami Clan
Village(s): Mist
Kekkai Genkai/Bloodtrait: Lycanthropy- 99% of Males 1%Females form exclusive too clan members in which they channel there emotions into a form change. When activated, chakra is released through their pores giving them an appearance as if their bodies have grown wolf like features. This form of the kekkai genkai increases the users strength for two posts, but not their speed. This power allows them to effectively use (If this bloodline is C-rank) D-rank taijutsu as a C-rank in power. (If B-rank) C-rank taijutsu as B-rank in power, and D-rank as C-rank in power.

Vampirism- 99% of the Female and 1% male this form exclusive too the clan, during the change the host's eye color to change red, and their canines to become like fangs. When activated, their canines release chakra in the appearance of fangs. They get a speed boost for two turns that allows three throwing actions, or two weapon actions. Additionally, while active, any taijutsu techniques that hit will drain chakra from the opponent and trigger the healing of minor wounds. If the user stands still while healing, leaving themselves vulnerable, they can heal larger injuries. Additionally at B-Rank the user get's four throwing actions or three weapon actions, S-Rank 5 throwing action's or four weapon actions

Background:The Ookami clan was located in the land of fire before the great war, due too the clans nature they choose not too move about and instead were less known as most they faced died and other than that the clan had no real aggressive tendencies, no one knows how the clan was started but the original member had both forms. Once the great war sparked the clan did like everyone else and simply defended themselves. They succeded and it simply drew more attention too them and their ability's, the women who drank blood and the men who turned into beast.

After 21 years the clan had not lost a single member in the war and it spread there name causing most too mistake them for immortals giving rise too the name Vampire and Lycan, upon these names being made the clan began losing member periodically. With the great war ended the clan moved too the land of water too escape there enemy's this caused them too grow angry as a whole. They stumbled upon the village hidden in the mist and joined without a second thought.


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Ookami Clan (Approved)
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