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 Nell Ookami (Approved)

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Quote :
Name: Nell Ookami
Age: 9
Gender: Female
Village: Mist

Rank: Genin
Specialty: Kenjustu

Appearance:Tall and incredibly skinny. These are the best words to describe Nill's appearance. She has a body such that her metabolism is always working overtime making it near impossible for her to gain substantial amounts of weight. Most of the calories she consumes is automatically used and transformed into energy rather than being held as fat, granting her some additional stamina. She has plenty of energy to use and a large appetite due to this.

Nill has long blond hair and blue eyes. She normally wears her bangs over her forehead which seem to usually hide her mist forehead protector as well. This isn't exactly intentional, as she is proud to be a Mist shinobi. She merely doesn't think of it that way. She just likes her hair style and it happens to cover that forehead protector.

Nill most often wears a sleeveless black top with teal laces at the hems. Below she wears teal tights that extend halfway to her knees. She wears the typical shinobi sandals as a black pair.

Nill's skin itself is somewhat flawless, having yet to be permanently marred despite having been a kunoichi for a great majority of her life. Her skin is pale all over, and she doesn't tan very well without gaining burns.
Personality:Nell is a kind-hearted individual, particularly for a shinobi. Many have questioned whether it is actually the right path for her considering that she is so gentle, tolerant, and non-violent, but no one can testify that she isn't naturally gifted as a kunoichi. It is for this reason that no one of authority has ever attempted to deter her from this path. Still, this has lead to many hardships.

Nell has a very difficult time in combat, especially in taijutsu combat, because hurting another person, good or evil, weighs heavily on her conscience. While many other warriors on turn combat into a game and merely think about "beating the enemy", it is always on Nell's mind that if she "beats the enemy" she is taking away their life, ending it prematurely, and taking them away from their loved ones, or potential loved ones. Causing her opponents to bleed, and seeing their blood pains her and easily makes her feel sick to her stomach. She has to push herself through it.

This does not mean that she cannot be relied on when push comes to shove. If it becomes necessary, she can cast aside her morals to protect the lives of those who are precious to her, especially when she realizes that they are counting on her. However, this does not mean that she will not feel bad about what she does. She will only force herself to remember that it was for the greater good. And to help shield herself from the fact that she may have caused harm to others, she will usually attempt to avoid close combat and use long distance manuevers or set traps.

Overall, Nell is a sweet and loving individual who provides tender care to those who can put their faith in her. She is always willing to give to others, even if it is something she does not have, and she is never able to say "no" to someone she likes. She is also a silent listener, with whom people can share their deepest and darkest secrets and concerns. Nell would never tell a soul, though she may attempt to give advice after careful deliberation.

Nell is able to get along with most people and will simply attempt to stay away from those whom she does not like. The only way to evoke her full wrath is to hurt someone important to her. Unfortunately, this wrath is never used for self-preservation, for Nell wouldn't harm another person for herself, even if they are evil, simply to protect herself. She requires a greater purpose. Loved ones are her drive.
History:Born in the village Hidden in the mist Nell never saw the village as a scary place despite the violence the village was known for nell was the angel among the village moving about without a care in the world, as soon as she learned how too walk her father gave her two wooden swords and told her if she did not learn she would most likely die, Nell didn't care she like the wooden toy and began practicing with them sometime with the other kids but they got mad so she would stop. By the age of 7 Nell was one of the best young sword user's in the village she joined the academy and despite the brutal ways one had too get through she became a genin without a scratch on her or killing anyone.


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Nell Ookami (Approved)
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