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 Shinbioto Clan Summoning Contract (WIP)

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Shinbioto Clan Summoning Contract (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Shinbioto Clan Summoning Contract (WIP)   Shinbioto Clan Summoning Contract (WIP) EmptyThu Feb 18, 2016 11:47 am

Name Path to Limbo Summoning Scroll

Type Summoning contract

Ability Summons demons from the realm of limbo

Appearance An average sized scroll with a midnight blue dyed leather with black trim protects the delicate silk paper inside. The design inside the scroll depicts the basic summoning circle accompanied by two humanoid figures (most likely limbo demons) kneeling down on either side holding up the kanji that describe the terms of the contract between the demons and the Shinbioto. This is all wrapped around and supported by a redwood polished core, sealed with a golden rope knot.

History TBD

List of Summons: (Starting from D to S)

Name Limbo Demon
Type D level Summon

Ability Upon sight of prey the demon screams and reaches out in it's direction and will attempt to subdue the target. Easily countered alone, but a swarm could prove problematic.

Appearance Average height between 5'-6'. Humanoid in shape this frail shadowy being is the most common demon in Limbo. Without a nose, ears, or eyes this creature is left with many large skinny teeth occupying it's hellish smile. It's lanky arms fold up as it staggers aimlessly around until prey is within sight.
Name Sutōkā Demon
Type C level Summon

Ability The sutoka demon uses it's speed and stealth to corner it's prey and lashes out with its grotesque tongue to grapple and subdue the target for consumption.

Appearance A hunched over limbo demon with a longer pair of arms that reach the ground giving it the ability to run on all fours. This demon moves with more purpose than the common limbo demon

Name Dark Limbo Mirror (WIP)
Type B level Summon

Ability The mirror is a 2 way portal between the limbo realm and (normal) realm, however you cannot walk through it. Ninjutsu and other elemental attacks can pass through. The mirror can last for 3 posts. When the opponent stands in front of the mirror a copy of him/her will appear yet with Limbo features. At that point Akuma can summon this new copy into the normal realm to fight for him or bond with the being using his bloodtrait.(Will need help figuring out which abilities these new copies will have).

Appearance Standing 4'x7' This mirror reflects the world through limbo. It is mostly rectangular except for the parabolic top. Bordering this mirror is a collection of demons entangled between themselves and the mirror, reaching out with longing.
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Shinbioto Clan Summoning Contract (WIP)
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