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 Enter Akuma [Complete]

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Enter Akuma [Complete] Empty
PostSubject: Enter Akuma [Complete]   Enter Akuma [Complete] EmptyThu Feb 18, 2016 3:07 pm

The day started out as casual as ever, Akuma woke up in his simple single room apartment and looked out the window. The sun was well up in the sky, warming the the mist that hung low surrounding the village. The blue bladed scythe was leaning in the corner of his room, and whether out of shear coincidence or divine intervention light streaked through the window causing a glare on the blue steel that reflected into Akuma's eyes. He smiled and chuckled as today was another new day of possibilities X)...

Quickly going through his morning routine, Akuma dawned his favorite blue sleeveless hoodie and menpo, an outfit that paid homage to his clan's heritage. He downed the last few boiled eggs in the ice box, strapped on his sandals, grabbed his clan's scythe and made way to the door. Just as he opened it, he caught his image in the mirror that hung on the wall above a makeshift coat rack. The menpo glinted as more sunlight flooded the room. It's hellish smile was enough to make anyone nervous. The mouth piece was used in battle by his clan to protect their face, while the design was to mimic the grotesque image of a limbo demon. Most of the shinbioto clan didn't wear theirs anymore or any of their ceremonial attire. The shinbioto clan was viewed as a bad omen to most of the other clans in the mist village, due to their unorthodox contract with the demons of limbo. Wearing anything remotely related to limbo was regarded with disdain, and life was hard enough without everyone causing a fuss..Akuma grinned, showing his own sharpened teeth as if he was responding to a friendly challenge. He was different, he loved his clan's attire, loved the menpo, and while he didn't love the limbo demons, he certainly respected them. If he could bridge the gap and conquer the village's overall prejudice, show them that the demons could be used to protect the village, maybe one day his clan would be treated with the respect they deserved. "But until then I have to figure out how to do that without causing a panic!" laughed Akuma...

He shut the door and made his way down the 3rd floor hallway. An unusual amount of light was occupying the corridor. Probably because of the gaping hole at the North end. Akuma shook his head, "glad no one was hurt though." It had spawned there last night when the neighbor kids found one of their parent's ninjutsu scrolls and activated it. The scroll created a simple katon blast, but within the confines of the hallway the damage would have been great. In their panic they pointed it at the nearby window before it went off. The damage was devastating, cracked wood, glass, and stone littered the pathway below. A section of the road was blocked off for safety, "I wonder when that'll get fixed," he murmured walking his way towards the hole that slowly turned into a sprint.

Akuma leaped through, into the humid air of his village, landing gracefully in the road. "YOU MENACE, HELLBOY!"  jeered the local granny as she was sweeping loose pebbles away from her store front the explosion had caused the night before. "Good morning!," Akuma bellowed and waved his hand back and forth warmly. She sneered at him, defeated by the awkward reaction he responded with. Akuma straightened up and quickly checked that his belongings were all on him before he left. He looked on and smiled feeling the black handle that rose over his shoulder feeling the grooves made by the kanji engraved in the wood. He always felt better noticing the detail and care that was taken to create his family's scythe, he felt pride to be shinbioto. He whispered to himself, "let's go start the day" and with his signature crooked smile Akuma bolted off into the mist.
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Enter Akuma [Complete]
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