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ROUND 2           Empty
PostSubject: ROUND 2    ROUND 2           EmptyTue Feb 23, 2016 4:07 pm

Okay for the most part people are done with the preliminary rounds. Congrats on making it to Round 2.

Before listing the Round 2 matches later this evening, I will be sending several of you private messages.

Now that the real tournament is about to begin, some of you will be receiving buffs or nerfs.

We wanted to identify broken abilities in the preliminary matches and highlight issues before the actual PVP starts.

I will be sending some of you revised jutsus to replace with the current list you have under Complete Profile.

These edited jutsu will not be up for much of an open discussion if any at all. If you receive a nerf it is purely because the current formatting is overpowered.

Included in the Round 2 post will be a list of additional rules. Some of the current rules needed revamping.

These will be minor changes, easy to understand and enforce. They will help you better understand how fights will be judged from this point going forward.

Please keep an open mind and understand that we are trying to balance things and make gameplay fair for all.

In the past we have announced that we are in a sort of "Beta Phase" and even though we have approved things, we reserve the right to change them as we see fit.

Rest assured there won't be any other changes for the remainder of the tournament.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

- Shimura

Kenji Hana - Genin
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