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 The Hanotoko Clan

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PostSubject: The Hanotoko Clan   Tue Feb 23, 2016 10:15 pm

Name:Hanotoko (Half-man)
Village(s): Any. (Unlikely to know any branches outside of the village the individual character is from)
Kekkai Genkai/Bloodtrait: Koetakatachi (Transcend the body/exceed the form) People of the Hanotoko clan are naturally gifted with summoning skill, as part of ancient practices they refuse to share with outsiders. The main ability of the clan is their special way of embedding seals on the body, which allow partial transformations into the sealed species instead of summoning. Naturally any Hanotoko can only transform into one species, as most ninja can only summon one species after making a contract, however by using techniques that copy contracts they can learn to assume other forms. To copy a contract, they must be able to witness and study the summoning contract and consume the blood of the person who has the desired contracted species. (If a Hanotoko wanted to learn how to transform into a toad, they'd need to read a summoning scroll with the toad contract, and have the blood of the person who signed that contract, just like getting the ability to summon multiple animal types.)
Background: The Hanotoko clan were nomads, traveling between countries. In their travels they met many animals in their villages, and eventually learned how to mimic the senjutsu of these creatures through contracts similar to summoning. While primarily nomadic warriors, the Hanotoko lacked the bloodlust to participate in any major wars, often choosing to retreat into animal villages and maintain temples. After the end of The Great War, the Hanotoko started to branch out into the world again. The clan is divided after centuries of travel, with many not knowing other branches beyond their family, however one Hanotoko can always identify another by their inscribed contract tattoos and the way they naturally absorb ambient nature chakra.

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The Hanotoko Clan
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