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 Kaoresu Clan

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PostSubject: Kaoresu Clan   Fri Feb 26, 2016 9:59 pm

(I know I don't have character slots available, but I enjoy making clans that hopefully other players would like to use one day.)

Name: Kaoresu (Faceless)

Village(s): Mist, Sand.

Kekkai Genkai/Bloodtrait: Issie Kagami (Simultaneous Mirroring), a secret technique in the clan which allows complete mimicry. To achieve this, a seal is placed on the target's forehead, and on the back of the user's hand. When activated, the user (using the sealed hand) mimics putting on a mask, their body then seamlessly becomes a duplicate of the target, while the target's body transforms into the user's. By cycling the victim's chakra through the space-time seals on both people effected by the technique, Issie Kagami is able to fool dojutsu which are capable of seeing the chakra pathway (As the victim and the user cycle their chakra through the seals, their bodies are seemingly only carrying the transferred chakra). This technique can only be used on NPCs or willing/unconscious PCs. If the victim is dead when this technique is used, the chakra portion of the mimicry only goes one way (Making the corpse a seemingly perfect match for the user of the technique). This technique can only be removed by the user using their sealed hand to "remove the mask". In the case of a PC, not an NPC, being marked if they decide to stop cooperating they can use the Genjutsu Kai technique to disrupt the stream of chakra to the seal and cancel the mirroring.

Background: The Kaoresu clan originally started as a clan of travelling actors, who would use their Issie Kagami technique to seamlessly become important characters at the time. During times of struggle in lands they ventured through, occasionally high-ranking members of society would purchase a contract with one of the clan members to fake their own death. Usually this was for emergency situations where an assassin was known to be targeting, or to grant a noble time to escape a country during scandal.

During The Great War, when the world became significantly more difficult to traverse, the Kaoresu clan split and settled down inside of the Mist Village and the Sand Village. It was during this period that the Kaoresu clan grew more renown, and in most cases more infamous, as members would be recruited into Anbu squads who had captured enemy agents. They would then, after getting sufficient information through torture, use Issie Kagami to transform into the agent and "return" to their land as a spy.

Calling back to their times as traveling actors, and their clan's habit of being recruited into the Anbu as infiltration agents, most members of the clan choose to adopt white masks. The prominence of a clan member in the clan can be seen by the decorations on their mask.

A noble Kaoresu:

Masahiko Hozuki (Mizukage) -
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PostSubject: Re: Kaoresu Clan   Thu Mar 10, 2016 5:55 pm

Really like the mask, seems legit.

As for the clan, just need a few things cleared up.

First, How does the seal get placed? Second How long does the seal last?

Really like this clan, seems more of a roleplay clan. Just need these clarified before approval can be made.

Shiko Nara- Shinobi Alliance (Lord)
Jenka Keroshi- Sand Village (Kage)
Sejetsu Inari- Mist Village (Genin
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Kaoresu Clan
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