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 Kraun's Just Scroll

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PostSubject: Kraun's Just Scroll   Wed Mar 02, 2016 6:31 pm

Name:Lightning Release: Thunder Field
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Description: While spinning their created weaponry within their palms the use cycles lightning release into them resulting in a rapidly spreading, at swift speeds, discharge of electricity outward ten feet to temporarily interrupt the actions of his opponents attempting to engage him. Usually this occurs in a crescent extending five feet around each of the user's blades (meaning with only 1 it would only extend in a five feet radius to either the left or the right) however when used while fighting within the Hidden Mist technique it extends through the entire radius of the mist. This jolt does no damage and merely interrupts the chakra gathering of those without the Lightning Release Affinity causing them too lose two move next turn ( in addition to any Dual Combination or Tri-Combination Releases which have Lightning as one of their components) thus preventing them from gathering chakra for techniques done in the post immediately after the one he is using this technique. When the victim is preforming a C-rank technique it is completely disrupted while higher ranks are merely delayed a post later, note this technique can not be used to delay the same technique over and over again. However once said technique is completed when the opponent(s) are trying to gather chakra for the next one it can be used once again as a disrupting agent.

Name: Lightning Release: Rai Touch
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
description: The user cycles chakra into chakra coils resulting in contact with the user's fingertips causing intense physical pain in a victim albeit dealing no actual damage. This can be chained with additional taijutsu to not only deal damage but likewise erode a victims sanity due to the repeated pain coursing through their body. The intense pain can however be used to snap people out of genjutsu and dependent on the skill level of the user the amount of physical pain dished out with each contact varies. While the users doujustu is active and they can see electrical impulses they numb areas hit.

Name: Lightning Shot
Type: Genjustu
Element: Lightning
Clan: Draco
Description: Activated while the clan's Doujustu is activated the user will channel their lightning release into their eye causing it too spark, once the opponent looks into the users eyes they are strung into a genjustu. The target is stunned as statics begin coming from their body following(1 post later) that a bolt of lightning come from the sky if hit by this the target is in shock for 1 post after they break the genjustu. Cutting their moves for that post in half.

Name:Dragon Eye's
Type: Doujustu
Clan: Draco
Description:The second stage of the Kazeraikou Doujutsu forces a temporary change of the user's eyes. The iris and pupil of the eye become one and change to a color decided at the first awakening depending on their mood. The color is like a cloud and swirls around the user's eye when looking around. Small lines of white will flash across the eyes like lightning bolts and continually do so as long as the eye is active. Also a slight glow of the eyes illuminate in the dark at this point.  Along with the original ability's being heightened the eyes gain a x2 zoom ability. Last 4 post.
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Kraun's Just Scroll
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