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 Kraun's junk

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Kraun's junk Empty
PostSubject: Kraun's junk   Kraun's junk EmptyWed Mar 02, 2016 7:09 pm

Name: Twin Swords
Type: Weapon
Appearance: Two identical long one handed sabres, both have white hilts and are 4 feet long despite their small curved hilt and thin blades.
History: Factory made

Name: H2O Pellet
Type: Bomb
Ability: Like a smoke bomb H2O pellets release a vaporized amount of air which spreads 10 feet and last 2 post before dissipating, used primarily by mist ninja if used during the hidden mist technique it extends the duration 2 post.
Appearance: Blue water pellet
History: N/A
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Kraun's junk
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