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 Warlords Justu Scroll

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PostSubject: Warlords Justu Scroll   Thu Mar 03, 2016 9:56 am

Rank: C
Type: Taijustu
Element: N/A
Clan: Saiyan
Description:: This is a strange Taijutsu technique as it actually consumes chakra to sustain it, it is on the basis that True All Taijutsu user's are unable to mold chakra into ninjutsu however chakra is still present in their bodies. As a result the Saiyan technique is known as the burning off of this present chakra from their chakra system in a method similar to the Eight Gates. Unlike the Eight Gates however it does not open the gates to allow an increased flow no, instead increases the rate at which chakra depletes similar to the opening of a tap. When in this form no technique utilizing chakra is able to be used as all of it is being focused on fueling this technique however techniques are able to be used in the Saiyan line as well as if they were used prior to activating it. When active the user rapidly loses chakra. Last 4 post. boost their Speed, Defense & Reaction , allowing for plus 2 moves each post. In addition their hair becomes spiked and their face sharper and more angled with their muscles becoming toned out in sync with the transformation. Can be used once per topic. In this mode one can utilize Kamehameha 1.

Name: Super Saiyan
Rank: B
Type: Taijustu
Clan: Saiyan
Description: This is a unique transformation which expands on Saiyan Mode based on the principle of chakra "burning" by rapidly burning through one's reserves they can magnify their abilities drastically without any drawbacks other than chakra loss. However for an All Taijutsu user that is a negligible price. This form results in a transformation effect in the user's body their muscles become more pronounced as an aura of ambient chakra begins to swirl around their body, and they look completely like their normal appearance other than their hair and eye color which changes to yellow and blue respectively while their hair spikes upward. The form magnifies the users speed, defense and reaction too inhuman levels separating them from normal ninja and giving them a good advantage from taijustu masters outside the eight gate's. In this mode the user gains plus three moves lasting 5 post can be used once per topic(- 1 post for any Saiyan forms used before in same topic) In this mode the user can use Kamehameha 2.

Name:Saiyan Technique: Ki Blast
Rank: D
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A
Clan: Saiyan
Description:A clan technique in which members due too focusing on taijustu their entire lives punch so fast they actually sent compressed burst of wind at the target which looks too be in the shape of a ball and moves as fast as a kunai. The blunt force is equal too a punch and this can be used quickly by a clan member the power increasing too crater rocks in saiyan mode and break rocks in Super Saiyan, bending metal in Super Saiyan 2.

Name: Saiyan Technique: Ping Pong Toss
Rank: D
Type: Taijustu
Element: N/A
Clan: Saiyan
Description: All members of the clan play a game called ping pong as kids, it consists of two or more members throwing projectiles and then the other catching them and throwing them back, this trains a keen eye and reflexes. It's true purpose lies in the clan members ability too throw back any projectile they cab match in speed using a momentum toss too send it back at the target double the force.

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Warlords Justu Scroll
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