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 Jin's Technique Scroll

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PostSubject: Jin's Technique Scroll   Sat Mar 05, 2016 4:47 pm

For reference
Name: Bloody Trick: Rotation
Rank: D
Type: Taijustu
Element: n/a
Clan: none
Description:The first of Trick of the bloody road, the user begins rolling, accelerating to their max speed almost instantaneously. Stopping, they press their body outwards, releasing the entirety of the energy directly from their full body, forcing out a wall before spinning and causing a force rotating around them too protect from projectiles ans low strength taijustu, Dependent on the amount of energy generated, projectiles may be fully stopped in their tracks, or at least slowed down, as would any physical attack. However, because of an opponents physical strength, this wall can only prevent as much energy as it has used. For example, if a punch uses the same amount of energy the wall did, they are both canceled out, without any recoil. However, if the punch is weaker, the one who punched receives a recoil of energy equivalent to however much more the wall had.

Name: Bloody Trick: Fang
Rank: D
Type: Taijustu
Element: n/a
Clan: none
Description: After a acceleration has been preformed the rider will throw a kick, launching a "Fang" which is essentially a compressed air wave, which travels in the direction said kick was launched. These "Fangs" are the signature technique of the Bloody Road and every rider of this road is able to customize their own version of a "Fang, with Jin's being the shape skates blade impacting with a spread force. The spread effect is likewise based on the skill of the user.
Fang Damage Spread (Blast Radius) - Skill of User
1 Foot - D

Name: Bloody Trick: Crunch
Rank: C
Type: Taijustu
Element: n/a
Clan: none
Description:This is the second basic trick based on a principle of the Bloody Road. This involves a sudden stop halting all movement while retaining the inertial energy that comes from suddenly stopping when in motion witout any deacceleration prior to doing so. The result is a stronger variant of the "Fang" with this acting like a damage modifier due to the force released due to the wind shockwave formed from the braking manuvuer being transferred directly into the "Fang". This makes a slicing variant able to actually cut things and live up to the philosophy of the Bloody Road to carve one's trail from the blood of their opponents.
Speed boost lvl "Fang" Damage Modifier = No of Posts (Total) Moving - Slicing Dmg
D - x1 = 1 - D
C - x2 = 2 - C

Name: Bloody Trick: Blade
Rank: B
Type: Taijustu
Clan: n/a
Description::The third begining intermidiate trick, the user  excels forward, stopping as they swivel their leg outwards in a kick. Rotating the kick in an arc, the energy is transferred along the arc of the kick, transmitting it outwards in a gigantic, flat form. The projectile, or 'blade', is extremely fast, and carries the energy of the run and kick, providing a sickle-like formation from the arc it originated from, carrying the most power at its center. The amount of energy it carries increases as it cuts through the air, unlike most of the techniques. Yet, against air resistance, it can be dispersed, or, in an opposite fashion, have its power increased. The technique has great cutting power, capable of separating someone from their limbs. However, unlike the other techniques, because of its lack of surface area, projectiles nor attacks can be absorbed, and the energy can be disturbed rather easily, if hit. This attack gains one rank in power and strength every 20 feet cappping at 40 feet for distance.


Warlord Saiyan- Leaf Genin-

Shatari Ramon- Sand Genin-

Kraun Draco- Mist Genin-
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Jin's Technique Scroll
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