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 Jin Utami.....

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Jin Utami..... Empty
PostSubject: Jin Utami.....   Jin Utami..... EmptySat Mar 05, 2016 6:41 pm

Name:Jin Utami
Clan: N/A
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Village: Cloud

Rank: Genin
Specialty: Taijustu
Elements: Wind

Personality: Very happy with a in your face style, even though he is not a clan ninja Jin believes his is one of the best in the village. His demeanor displays such and he carry's himself with a sense of pride
History:Born in the spring jin had a nice life his mother fought in the great war and his father selled Ramen in the village, his mother was not a notable shinobi but she made it too the rank of jonin using skill and hard work. Upon jin coming of age he got a pair of skates for his birthday. He became sort of addicted too the skates and begin wearing them every and once he began his ninja training his taijustu style consisted of using the skates for a agile style. He passed the exams in a normal time and became a genin set of becoming the best he could be.

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Jin Utami.....
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