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 Wasted Lands

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PostSubject: Wasted Lands   Sun Mar 06, 2016 9:50 am

So I'm toying with the idea of making another roleplay forum, but I'm posting the thing here so I can gauge potential interest.

My concept is simple ; Apocalypse Survival.

The game will start before an apocalypse scenario, where the players are tipped off by a mutual friend that they should start preparing. Players will need to gather supplies for the apocalypse, such as food and water and fuel for generators. Depending on the chosen profession of a player they may also be able to directly buy upgrades to the Shelter, such as paying for an extra room to be built.

The apocalypse type is variable, it could be Disease/Economic Collapse/Volcano/Nukes/Etc. As time progresses towards the apocalypse, the nature of it will become clearer but scavenging relevant materials will become more difficult. An example would be ; A shortage of Anti-Biotics as word spreads that some engineered disease escaped a lab in Africa.

The game will get progressively harder the longer a player survives, if a character dies the player can make a new one for a different faction (Like a raider or an infected instead of a survivor). The goal is not to survive until it all gets better, but to survive as long as you can. Once the last "Survivor" factioned character dies, the world resets and we prepare for a different apocalyptic scenario.

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Wasted Lands
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