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 Saru Yougan Jutsu List

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Saru Yougan Jutsu List  Empty
PostSubject: Saru Yougan Jutsu List    Saru Yougan Jutsu List  EmptyMon Mar 21, 2016 10:29 am

Name: Rubber Weapon
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Lava
Clan: Yougan
Description: Saru can create rubber weapons, and these weapons can either be extremely hard or very bouncy, it depends on how much chakra he uses to compress his rubber material. His favorite use of this technique is to create his bo staff, which is a B rank staff, that does not dissipate during battles. The rest of the weapons he is able to create are usually not as strong as his bo, because he has not focused as much on creating other kinds of weapons. Saru can also use this ability to change the form of his bo. He can add spikes to it for more damage, or create a shield that protects his body.

Name: Monkey Summon
Rank: C
Type: Summon
Element: None
Clan: Yougan
Description: Saru Summons Tao to fight by his side.

Name: Rubber Clone
Rank: D
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Lava
Clan: Yougan
Description: Saru creates a rubber clone.

Name: Rubber Bullets
Rank: D
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Lava Release
Clan: Yougan
Description: Saru shoots 5 rubber bullets from his finger tips.
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Saru Yougan Jutsu List
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