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 Kenshin Uchiha Item

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PostSubject: Kenshin Uchiha Item   Kenshin Uchiha Item EmptyThu Apr 07, 2016 8:01 am

Name: Masamune
Type: Katana
Abilities: A blade with the ability of having chakra channeled through it to make stronger. Can be summoned via small summoning to battle instantly.
Appearance: Blade with golden hilt embroidered with a lion and bear. A 40 in. long blade that has a black sheath and usually summoned on the back held to the user by their belt.
History: Was passed down in family through the generations and was given to Kenshin as a gift from his grandfather on his deathbed. It is a blade that has seen much battle but has been taken care of as the blade is still sharp and overall is very easy to handle.
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Kenshin Uchiha Item
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