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 Genso konchū

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PostSubject: Genso konchū   Genso konchū EmptySat Apr 16, 2016 11:21 pm

Name:Genso konchū(elemental insects).


Kekkai Genkai/Bloodtrait: Insects of all elements including raiton, the insects do minimal quantities of damage and dosen't do much onless it has strong connections with the user which leads to be able to cure, paralize, burn,and other ways of killing your opponent.

Background: Coming from the Aburame clan, the genso konchū was internal problems that fluctated with the testing and experimenting of insects, they hadlead to having only experimented insects and making them very powerfull as for they can control serval quantities of the elemets through the insects, also has lead to the creation of genjutsu with insects and having an anormal quantities of species, one downside to the clan is the greedy of theirs tends to backfire and only some of the clan getthe chance of using this insects in real battle as for they undergo large quantities of testing and endurence also leading to similarities to the aburame clan and having insects at early age.Most people of this clan are used to insects and love to be around them.It's said that the true masters of the clan where able to destroy a coplete forest by themselves by the use of insects, others talked about their connection to the bugs,while others seem them as a complete strength in battle for their minimal size and effectivenes when prepared.
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Genso konchū
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