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 Raiden crimpo

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PostSubject: Raiden crimpo   Raiden crimpo EmptySun Apr 17, 2016 2:41 pm

Name: Raiden crimpo
Clan:Genso konchū


Appearance:5'6 120 pounds not a lot of muscle some will his all bones,wheres big clothing with a symbol of his family clan on the front, clothing color is mostley black and has blue hair in a freky way has simple clothing fashion and normal ninja shoes and has pockets in his jacket where he stores things.He alwasy wers his mother scarf when not going to figth and always takes his father sword but never uses it.
Personality: Dosen't like to speak and like to be around bugs dosen't like to be in figths but he is a person to keep calm in battle, he is studious and tries and learn a lot about other countries and about warfare.He always take cares of his bugs.
History:At the begining of his childhood he chose to go with insects and learned to use them and care about them,his father wasn't part of the clan for that he wasn't like and treated badly by the clan and they ended it up by killing his father.His father sword was passed to him and his mothers scarf was also passed to him, his mother kept working for the clan because she was the eldest daugter of the clan master (aka grandpa) he has one small sister and a bigger sister, he never saw or talk to much to his mother and he had many friends and always try to do his best for his family, he started to learn a lot a t young age and was one of the cohsen to have special bugs in his body.
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Raiden crimpo
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