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  Sakkaku Uchia

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PostSubject: Sakkaku Uchia    Sakkaku Uchia EmptyTue Apr 19, 2016 10:20 pm

[b]Name: Sakkaku Uchia

[b]Clan: Uchia

[b]Age: 15

[b]Gender: Male

[b]Village: Leaf

[b]Rank: Genin

[b]Specialty: Ninjutsu

[b]Elements: Lighting

 Sakkaku Uchia Naruto10

[b]Appearance: As above only without the pair of swords and instead of the Blue Jacket he has a long dark blue jacket that reaches to around his knees with the Uchia clan symbol on the back      

[b]Personality: Sakkaku has Clam but rather straight forward personalty rarely ever getting mad. He holds the Clan above all else and the one surefire way to get him angry is to insult the Uchia clan. His main goal in life is to become the strongest of all the Uchia and become their leader.

[b]History: Sakkaku was born into one of the weaker families of the Uchia clan and as such he was often referred to as weak by many of the younger clan members aside from one Haru Uchia who always stood by him when others didnt and by the time they where 6 the two had become like family and they both spent most of their time either playing in the nearby woods or training together each of them being driven by the drive to become the strongest of all the Uchia. Sakkaku awakened his sharingan when he was 10 due to the incredible desire to protect Haru when they where attacked by a wolf while training the wolf had Haru pinned down and looked as if it about to tear his friend apart which is when the sharingan awoke and he land a kuni in wolfs eye forcing it to retreat. Sakkaku then spent the next few years whenever he could training his sharingan in order to increase both his own and his sharingans capability's
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Sakkaku Uchia
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