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 question for anyone who gets on still and other stuuf

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PostSubject: question for anyone who gets on still and other stuuf   Sun Nov 13, 2016 11:11 am

Who still pops on this site? I know it has been dead for awhile but life got crazy for me for a little and got fed up with some things. but then honestly forgot about this for awhile.

More than anything I wanted to apologize to everyone who I let down and gave no notice to. Yall made this a fun experience even if it was short lived. I had no idea it would take off that fast and how much work would be involved. I thought just a few of my irl friends would join. Thank you all and I apologize again.

Also please post here if you do still check in. Or have any intrest in this site

Shiko Nara- Shinobi Alliance (Lord)
Jenka Keroshi- Sand Village (Kage)
Sejetsu Inari- Mist Village (Genin
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question for anyone who gets on still and other stuuf
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