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 Ichiro Kuronuma(Approved)

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Ichiro Kuronuma(Approved) Empty
PostSubject: Ichiro Kuronuma(Approved)   Ichiro Kuronuma(Approved) EmptySat Feb 06, 2016 4:43 pm

Name: Ichiro Kuronuma

Clan: Kuronuma

Gender: Male

Village: Leaf

Rank: Genin
Specialty: Weapons
Elements: Suiton (Water)

Appearance: Ichiro Kuronuma(Approved) Ichiro10
Black hair, green eyes. Wears a black jacket over a grey hoodie, and has a scarf on as a mouth mask. Approximately 5'11". Has thin lips and shark-like teeth common among those from the Mist.

Personality: Cold and distant. Dreams of making his clan the most well known assassins in the Five Countries.

Ichiro was one of the first Kuronuma born inside the Land of Fire. Hence his name (Ichiro meaning "The first son").  From an early age he showed amazing prowess with ninja weapons, on par with Uchiha children and Ninjutsu. He became on of the earliest applicants for academy enrollment, which was denied largely on the grounds of his abusive attitude towards others, but also in no small part due to distrust of his clan.

Once his application became accepted, Ichiro graduated two years early for his class, becoming a genin rather recently.

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Ichiro Kuronuma(Approved) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ichiro Kuronuma(Approved)   Ichiro Kuronuma(Approved) EmptySat Feb 06, 2016 5:18 pm


Shiko Nara- Shinobi Alliance (Lord)
Jenka Keroshi- Sand Village (Kage)
Sejetsu Inari- Mist Village (Genin
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Ichiro Kuronuma(Approved)
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